Two sisters reunited and made a pilgrimage to the Atlantic Ocean to pray for the Earth. When they completed their prayers they walked over the sand dunes and came apon the words “Love” and “Breathe” written in the sand. In that order, Love…then Breathe the words inspired & proceeded to spark a world wide consciousness event for the Earth. Love…then Breathe has become an internet sensation and has quickly ignited the hearts of humanity all over the globe.

As each person conjures up their most loving memories within them, as the feeling of that love fills their bodies, they then simply exhale that energy into the ethers around them as a sacred offering to the Earth. This blessed carbon dioxide then expands out into the plant kingdom setting off a chain reaction through the elemental realms of nature all around us. The plant kingdom in turn reacts to the energy and a wave of love sweeps over the planet in a vivid ripple effect.

These global cross cultural consciousness events are done on specific dates at 1pm all time zones to help facilitate the ripple effect over the course of 24 hours. All are welcome! No matter what you believe in, what nationality you are, everyone can conjure up a feeling of love and everyone can exhale.

Each person who sets their intention to join in, and tells us where they are joining us from, then gets marked on a global map and the design of the grid for each event is then tracked. Each event offers a new grid. A unique combination of energy from all who participate whether it is 1 person, 10, 100 or more!

The vision is that if every person on the planet can spend some time concentrating on love and using their bodies to facilitate a sacred breath of life and offer it to the natural world we will then begin to re-establish our connection to the planet in a more vibrant and loving way. This simple yet powerful act will change the world and will work towards the betterment of humanity through the empowerment of the entire system as a whole.

Love…then Breathe…for Earth
Because we can.



Join us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LoveBreatheEarth

“On June 8th I was in Cairo Egypt for the Love..then Breathe Global Meditation event. It was life changing for me. To be at such a beautiful and powerful place tuning into love and linking up with so many others around the world doing the same. It brought tears of love to my eyes. I am so grateful.”  – Hillary Raimo; founder of Love.. then Breathe

“When you come to Egypt the experience becomes embedded in your blood stream. You can leave Egypt but Egypt will never leave you. When I first met Hillary I saw that she had what we call in the movie industry “The Bug” meaning she was being called to create. She has ‘The Bug’ for Egypt. Her work inspires me as an Egyptian, and inspires so many others with its peaceful message. What I love about Love …then Breathe is it crosses cultural boundaries and unites people. Inshallah.” -Sayed Badreya; Egyptian Actor, Producer, Filmmaker http://www.sayedbadreya.com/




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